Hot Stone Massage Las Vegas

Therapist performs Las Vegas Hot Stone Massage
Woman receives treatment as part of our Las Vegas Hot Stone Massage package

Las Vegas Hot Stone Massage

This is a specialty massage we offer to our clients that provides a deeply relaxing experience, and also has therapeutic value.  In this massage, you will be assigned a Las Vegas massage therapist that has been trained in the technique of hot stone.

The therapist starts by warming up desert stones until they are the perfect temperature for muscle warming.  They then place them on your body, and use the stone as an extension of their hand, moving in smooth motions.  The stones give off deep, penetrating heat which can warm up tight muscles, and provide deep relaxation.


Hot stone massage technique involves 3 different aspects:

  • The heat from the stone warms up and softens your muscles
  • Specialized massage strokes using the round edges of the stone
  • Heat from the stone allows for better absorption of the therapeutic oils applied on your skin

The heated stone sends heat waves below your skin, softening your muscles and making it easier for the massage to work deeply yet gently into your muscle.  The warmth also creates a comforting presence, making you more receptive to the therapeutic benefits of the massage both physically & emotionally.  The warming sensation can also relieve nervous fatigue and tension.

A woman receives Hot Stone Massage in Vegas
Woman relaxes while receiving Hot Stone massage treatment in Vegas

Hot Stone Treatments

There are numerous ailments that we've helped our clients with through the use of the heated stone massage technique.  Although, we always recommend you see a medical professional for these ailments, we can help you relieve some of the side effects of them.  Here's a list of the different health conditions hot stone can help address:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Low circulation of the blood
  • Back aches & pain
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Insomnia

More Relaxed  - Less Pressure

Because of the relaxing effect of the technique, our Las Vegas Hot Stone massage is recommended for clients that want a lighter touch in regards to muscle massaging.  By heating the area to be worked on, you will feel less pressure on the area, because of the relaxing effect the heat has on the muscle and nerves.  The warmth makes the muscles more pliable and easier to work, therefore causing less pressure on the area.


woman relaxes while receiving a soothing treatment
Woman enjoys relaxing Hot Stone massage therapy performed by therapist

Detoxification Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage has an added detoxifying effect versus a regular massage.  Through the combination of the massage technique and the heated stones, the circulatory system is both stimulated (by the massage) and relaxed (by the heat) at the same time.  This promotes the release of toxins from the body due to increased circulatory activity.

Although you can achieve detoxifying effects with a regular massage, by combining heat into the equation you amplify the detoxification benefits of the entire process.  A hot stone massage in our Las Vegas spa is both beneficial and relaxing.

Muscle Relief Benefits of Heated Massage

By heating the area first, tense muscles are more susceptible to the benefits offered by the massage technique.  Pain and muscle spasms are dissipated by the warmth, and the muscles become more pliable, and more susceptible to the therapeutic technique.  As we mentioned above, the skin also more easily absorbs the therapeutic and moisturizing oils used during your session, making for a very healing and relaxing Vegas hot stone massage experience.